What is this CoinFlip?

Coin Flip is a simple 1vs1 game where 2 players make a bet on a certain coin side and the winner takes it all (the sum of two bets minus House commission). To play the coinflip you need either to create a round or to join an existing one. As soon as the second player joins the game, the round starts and the winner is determined.

How to create/join a game?

To create a coinflip round you just need to choose a coin side you want to bet on, fill the amount of your bet and click on “Place a bet”. To join an existing game just click on “Join” on the coinflip game you are interested in. Click confirm gas fee from wallet connection.

Bet amount restrictions

The minimum amount has to be equal or more than 1 $PUN and the maximum amount is 10,000 $PUN per round.

How is the winner picked?

The winner is picked randomly. Each player has 50% chance to win. We apply provably fair settings for every game.

View game history

View all bets or your bets in the bottom part of the page or click Recent Games next to Game Online.

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