What is Jackpot?

Jackpot is a game for several players, who place bets and the winner takes it all (the sum of all bets minus House commission). The round starts as soon as there are bets placed or in seconds since the second player joins the game.

How to play?

Player click to join the room. One room can have up to 20 players. Each round will have one minute countdown to play as soon as the second player joins or there are bets placed. Each player can add their betting amounts to increase their chance.

Bet restrictions

The minimum amount has to be equal or more than 1 $PUN and the maximum amount is 10,000 $PUN per round.

How is the winner picked?

The winner is picked up randomly, at the same time your winning chance in the round corresponds to your total bets size in %. Your current win chance is shown in the field “Chance” (next to the “Place a bet” button).

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