Smart Contracts

CryptoPunt has always prioritized the security of our users. We are committed to launching a cutting-edge gaming experience where gamers worldwide can have permissionless access to a suite of blockchain-based games. However, we will never sacrifice experience for security and we will always rigorously review any updates which have been implemented into our codebase.

After a rigorous review from the CryptoPunt internal team, the codebase was recently audited by a respected security company in the blockchain industry. The code was deemed to be thoroughly secure and no issues were raised from the security company. The certification from the audit company is included above.

Source Code

Cryptopunt Token SmartContract

  • Ethereum Network: 0x31903E333809897eE57Af57567f4377a1a78756c

  • Matic(Polygon) Network: 0x908435624Fc23130fDA2d07b10C91cA2B6A57abA

Vault SmartContract

  • Proxy Address: 0xF71CA12Be3975B91961Ce1e4E69d5293B5446878

  • Implementation Address: 0x23346ec9704588c22712F064C1897a9BCDc252B1

Jackpot SmartContract

  • Proxy Address: 0x7B768be61C365A8d8a874f848a0321B8C18C4679

  • Implementation Address: 0xeaeD861EC157b73f0e41D73Aa5152aF234F809e6

Coinflip SmartContract

  • Proxy Address: 0xb5bF0155e02730b4d7979CDDE94DB8fe274eeB03

  • Implementation Address: 0xaFaA4bBeb1B6982898226E9b3eCE2007bced364D

RobotMiner SmartContract

  • Proxy Address: 0xA5c05DBc5D47d8d29B4F46c68e028E866dcf097b

  • Implementation Address: 0x1aC2bD7AA738Bf5Ed87ab1bd9404171224573fE6

Staking PUN SmartContract

  • Proxy Address: 0x880e269972e8a08fBc09DE33Cc6926E8d6871a71

  • Implementation Address: 0xA2cdF96d56BfdDcd3e65a957eB114cc868093773

Staking Pair LP SmartContract

  • Proxy Address: 0x2066b608b595823DCFa5eb39d8a4bEFcA11E2157

  • Implementation Address: 0x37df3864dAa0631082a84430d0A2e23467791664

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