Insignius Capital

Insignius Capital, a leading blockchain venture capital company, recognized the disruptive potential of CryptoPunt and has allocated funds to help the project rapidly approach launch. Insignius Capital has also committed to providing long-term guidance to the project and will specifically help with user acquisition strategies. Qatar-based Insignius Capital has an impressive track record of picking the most high-performing projects in the blockchain industry. Polkadot, ACDX, and FTX rank among Insignius Capital’s early-stage allocations. Each of these projects have grown to rank among the leaders in their niche.

CryptoPunt is lining up to be the latest in a series of stellar investments from Insignius Capital. Combining CryptoPunt’s highly-skilled team and disruptive vision with Insignius Capital’s deep knowledge of the industry maximises the odds that CryptoPunt can disrupt incumbent gambling and gaming Dapps and evolve into a long-term leader in the niche.

Chainridge Capital

VC company Chainridge Capital recognized the disruptive potential of CryptoPunt and has dedicated both capital and expertise to assisting the project. Chainridge Capital is an experienced VC company that specializes in identifying cryptocurrency projects that have a high chance of outperforming over the long-term. CryptoPunt met the high standards required for Chainridge Capital investments and the VC company proceeded with an investment.

In addition to allocating capital, Chainridge Capital will assist with incubation and marketing services. Chainridge Capital has a wide marketing network with a collective audience numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Through this network, CryptoPunt will be able to increase its brand awareness and streamline user adoption.


BlackDragon, a decentralized fundraising group that specializes in supporting innovative blockchain projects, has invested in CryptoPunt. BlackDragon has dedicated both capital and expertise to help CryptoPunt become the leading gaming and gambling Dapp. BlackDragon will take CryptoPunt through its proven incubation program. The BlackDragon incubation program includes invaluable assistance with marketing efforts. BlackDragon’s expertise in this domain will help CryptoPunt raise its brand awareness and streamline the adoption of users.

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