How to deposit/withdraw $PUN on CryptoPunt

Ensure the token is bridging to polygon network: Refer to: How to bridge $PUN guide

Add $PUN token to Matic chain wallet PUN address: 0x908435624Fc23130fDA2d07b10C91cA2B6A57abA

Add $PUN token to Matic chain wallet (PUN address:0x908435624Fc23130fDA2d07b10C91cA2B6A57abA)

Check balance if PUN token have been properly bridge from Ethereum to Matic(Polygon) network

On our dApp, press "Connect your wallet" on the top right

Select appropriate wallet choice:

  • For PC, Desktop user. We recommend to use browsers which support Metamask (Chrome, Brave etc.) and press Metamask to connect your wallet

  • For Mobile user.

    1. If the dApp is opened via Mobile browser eg Chrome - select WalletConnect.

    2. If the dApp is opened via TrustWallet or Metamask in-app Browser - select MetaMask

A Signature request will pop-up. This is required every time you login to CryptoPunt

For the first sign-in a Profile setup page will pop-up, Select an avatar and name for your profile. Then Click "Let's Start". This can be changed later in the wallet setting.

The PUN balance in the middle of screen shows number of tokens deposit into our platform. Press the wallet button check your Metamask balance vs Deposited balance.

On Deposit page, token approval is required to deposit PUN token into our platform. A small fee will be applied. Transaction approval will pop-up

After few second and transaction is confirmed. PUN balance will shows in the middle of screen and you are ready to play. Enjoy PUNTER!

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