Buying $PUN token

How can I buy $PUN tokens?

Pre-listing detail:

After IDO, PUN token will be listing at Uniswap on 18th October

DEX: Uniswap

The tokens will initially list at a price of $0.25 and an initial circulating supply of 5 million PUN

You need an Ethereum wallet. Metamask is recommended.

Buying from Uniswap

Connect wallet

Click dropdown "ETH" to select the buying tokens (USDT, ETH etc)

Click "select a token" then copy Pun token address: 0x31903E333809897eE57Af57567f4377a1a78756c

Click import

Set appropriate slippage and amount to buy then click swap to buy

Approve Metamask transaction

Add token to Metamask

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