With an aim to give you top-notch gaming and gambling experience, here’s how we plan to grow in the near future!

Q2 2021

Our most immediate goals are getting equity funding and going public to kickstart our expansion plans. Launching token would be a good addition to our objectives too.

Q3 2021

UI & UX act as dealmakers (or dealbrakers) in online gaming world. We’ll onboard the best developers to make the website easy to navigate and pleasing to your eyes.

Our extensive PR & community developing process would also be started to get like-minded people together! In addition we are eyeing advanced product development along with alpha testing in Q3 2021.

Q4 2021

Wallet integration would be rolled out, to provide utmost convenience and help users play with minimal efforts along with beta release of Mainnet.

With a view to increasing daily footfall and then keeping it consistent, we’ll roll out loyalty and reward system!

Q1 2022

Expansion and scaling shouldn’t come in the way of customer service. Q1 of the year would see advanced ticketing and support system along with addition of adrenaline pumping games! We hope to make the mainnet go live this year.

Q2 2022

This quarter would be wholly dedicated to observing our growth and improving our services. Overall, feature addition would take a backseat and user experience, front seat!

Q3 2022

To ramp up value addition for our users, we plan on system integration with exchanges & trading terminals by the end of 2022.

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